Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Did Your Carpet Get Wet in The Recent Storms?


Even if we have a carpet positioned to prevent the carpet from getting wet in storms, it can still get wet by transfer, by walking in wet shoes or by placing an umbrella indiscriminately on or near it.

However, what do we have to do with our magnificent wet carpet? There are several techniques that we can apply to dry them, thus preventing them from being completely ruined.


Handling carpets to move them from one place to another is not simple, nor is it something we want to do too often, which is why when drying them it is preferable to take strategies that allow us to leave them in place unless it is strictly necessary.

On the other hand, if the rains more than wetting the carpet soaked it, then it is time to continue with stronger measures, which beyond drying the carpet allows us to keep our floors in good condition, there are extreme moments in which it is necessary to call a professional, but if not, then we move on to define some actions that we can apply ourselves.

The application of these procedures will depend entirely on the amount of water that has been spilled on the carpet you intend to dry.

When there is plenty of water on the carpet and it looks almost like "If it is "drowned" in it, it is necessary to remove it from the ground to make a deep drying of both elements, otherwise it could take much more time in this process because one surface would be in charge of soaking the other continuously.

If the Commercial Carpet Cleaning we are going to dry is only waterlogged then we must use some specialized implement such as a water vacuum cleaner, which will help us to remove all the excess, despite this, after drying with this instrument and fans or hair dryers, it is highly recommended to remove it from the floor, starting with an edge, to check the state of the floor and also proceed to work on it if necessary.

If the wet section of the carpet is not as large, simply place a few dry towels on this part, exerting pressure to squeeze out the excess, and then proceed to use evaporation techniques with the activation of appliances such as fans and hair dryers that act directly on the fibers.


Accident prevention is often the best weapon in any situation, which is why here is a short list of tips to prevent your Green Cleaner Steam from getting wet in the rainy season.

·           If you go outside, keep the windows of your house closed.
·           When entering any space, be careful with the areas you step on if your shoes are wet.
·           When the umbrellas are finished, they should be dried in spaces away from the carpets.
·           Don’t let the carpet get water in so that it is not damaged

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