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What is The Difference Between Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning?

If you are planning to get your home carpets cleaned, then you also need to choose the cleaning option. You can opt from steam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning as per your requirements. How can you select the best option for your carpets? If you want to decide the best cleaning procedure for the carpets, then it can be possible if you will take help of the professional carpet cleaning expert who can check the condition of the carpet. After looking at the carpet, the professionals can tell you about the kind of cleaning procedure it needs. If you want to know the difference between dry and steam cleaning, then you can check it out here:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

There is a number of people who prefer carpet steam cleaning instead of regular vacuum cleaning. When you want to clean carpets every day, vacuum cleaning can be fine but every six months; you should get the steam cleaning done if you want the carpets to be free from dirt. In this procedure, the carpet is given a vacuum after which water is heated in the machine. The professionals use a strong machine that will inject hot water and a kind of cleaning solution in the carpets. The dirt and grime get loosened in this way and dirty water is extracted through a machine. This kind of cleaning is advised by most of the carpet companies. The carpet should be dried before further usage after steam cleaning.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning The Carpets

Steam carpet cleaning is fine for the places where there isn’t a humid temperature. If you think that the carpet needs to dry faster, then it will be better to choose dry cleaning. This kind of cleaning involved certain kind of chemicals which are sprinkled by the professionals on the carpet. The liquid cleaner drops are absorbed by dust and dirt. After some time, a vacuum is given to the carpet so the residue is removed. It is a kind of surface cleaning option but it won’t be best if you want deep cleaning for the carpets. Hire the best carpet dry cleaning services at full reasonable prices anytime. Our professional team of carpet cleaning Wallan experts will use the best techniques and tools to ensure proper carpet cleaning. The dry cleaning carpet services can be hired by you every month but if you are looking for deep cleaning, then steam carpet cleaning is the best idea.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Benefits of Hiring Us:

If you aren’t getting any benefits/pros after hiring Green Cleaners Team, then you shouldn’t waste your money. When you want to get the best services in Hobart Carpet Cleaning, you can definitely trust us. Here are the benefits you will get after hiring our professional team:
  • 100% satisfactory carpet cleaning services
  • Use of correct procedure
  • Long life of carpets
  • Affordable services
  • 24x7 cleaning services
So, there aren’t any chances that you will face disappointment after hiring our cleaning services for your carpets. We would always make sure that you get the total worth of your money.

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Benefits of Seeking A Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are very important features of our homes and offices. They not only provide us with a soft ground to walk upon but also add beauty and elegance to our interior decor. Its highly suggested that you should follow routine carpet cleaning from time to time. Routine carpet cleaning is essential in keeping the carpet in good condition and extending its life. As we all know that a carpet is prone to the daily accumulation of dirt, dust and debris which can impact the condition and quality of the carpet installation.

On the other hand stains, spots and spills can lead to extensive damage and deterioration of the carpets. Ignoring the carpet stain removal can lead to decolourisation of the carpet fibres and can also compromise the hygiene of the carpet. Organic matter and presence fop moisture will promote the growth of germs and pathogens which can directly affect your health. Although self-cleaning fo the carpet is essential it is ineffective in the long run. We advise you to hire professional carpet steam cleaning services to boost the condition of the carpet and extend its life. So therefore in this blog, we are going to provide you with some benefits of seeking a professional carpet cleaning service.

Benefits Of Seeking a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Latest Equipment and Tools -

    Carpet cleaning is a complex job which requires specialised tools and the latest equipment. We all know that we can clean the carpet just by a brush or a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, professional cleaners have industrial tools and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that can deliver deep and effective cleaning of the carpet.
  • Trained and Experienced Professionals -

    Professional carpet cleaners are trained and experienced in the field of carpet cleaning Maroubra. They have spent years in handling and cleaning many kinds of carpets require different kinds of cleaning process. Some of the hidden issues with a dirty carpet can only be addressed by an experienced and trained professional cleaner.
  • Better Carpet Cleaning Results -

    A professional carpet cleaning service can provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. Professionals can deliver carpet steam cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning and carpet shampooing etc. all of these services can deliver deep and effective cleaning of the carpet, you can choose from any service depending upon your requirement and need. Self-cleaning is nothing in comparison with professional carpet cleaning.
  • Professionals Can Extend the Life of Carpet and Boost its Condition -

    Its been established by many studies and confirmed by experts that by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service frequently you can extend the life of your carpet by almost 30%. Also by having your carpets deep cleaned, you can keep it top-notch condition thus extending its life and avoiding damage in the long run.

  • Cost-Effective and Affordable -

    We provide our customers with any kind of professional carpet cleaning service at low and reasonable costs. Also by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you can get the worth of your money. Not only you will get your carpets cleaned but you will also be able to extend its life. So it's a win-win situation for the customer.
  • Professionals Can Address The Hidden Issues Associated With Dirty Carpets -

    Dirty carpets not only harbour dirty but can also be loaded with germs, parasites, bacteria, mould or algae. These contaminants can impact your health in many negative ways. Vacuum cleaning a carpet will not have any effect on the pathogens lurking inside a carpet. Professional carpet cleaners can deliver carpet sanitisation service to treat and remove all pathogens, many comical products are utilised to deliver the carpet mould removal service.
  • Carpet Stain Removal -

    Stains are the most common problems associated with carpet cleaning. We all have had some issues while treating stains. Professionals have years of experience in treating and removing all kinds of stains from a carpet. Professional will use various commercial products and solutions to remove any kind of stain from a carpet effectively.

Hiring The True Professionals

We are an established and renowned name in town that can provide you with all kinds of Local Carpet Cleaning Services in Adelaide. We have a highly experienced and skilled staff of professional carpet cleaners. We are available for you round the clock 247 to provide you assistance in carpet cleaning. We deliver the best and effective cleaning of the carpet at low and reasonable costs. Green Cleaners Team can deliver any kind of carpet cleaning service for you within the same day of hiring. Avail the benefits of the best carpet cleaning service in town and say goodbye to all your carpet cleaning issues and worries.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

How Carpet Cleaning Machines Work?

Carpets are used in almost all kind of places like residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and industrial areas. Since its usage becoming significant day by day, the carpet needs some special maintenance. The cleaning and maintaining makes the carpet last for longer periods. More specifically cleaning process needs much more special techniques and machinery. 

Nowadays the machinery made the cleaning process easier and quite time saving. Anyone can spot a dirt on soiled carpets, but does everyone know what the carpet undergo in a cleaning process? Carpet cleaning is been in action since long time back. And it’s getting much more evolved. Now let’s know about present day carpet cleaning procedures.

Basic Principle 

The carpet should be soaked or sprayed with soapy liquid or some professional carpet cleaning solutions. It makes the machine’s work simpler. There are huge types of cleaning methods like steam carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, encapsulation, Bonnet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

The basic principle of a carpet cleaning machine is pumping water into the carpet and extracting the dirt with high pressured vacuum. Pretreating the carpet will actually help to loosen the dirt from carpets. 

Brushing the Stains

Some kind of machines do pretreatment procedure by its own. It is done by spraying carpet shampoo or some sort of soapy liquids. Some machines won’t have the pretreating settings and hence it is to be done manually. Once the dirt get loosen from the soiled carpets, the job becomes easy. The second step in deep carpet cleaning is brushing or scrubbing. 

Now the machine do its job by brushing the carpet surface at high speed. This can even scrub away the harsh stains and dirt from the upper carpet surface. In order to get thorough cleaning you can repeat the step on the other side of the carpet.

Vacuuming the Dirt

Once the machine brushes away the stains and dirt, the high powered vacuum is used now. The vacuum extracts the residues thoroughly from the carpet surface. The residues may differ from machine to machine since some use dry cleaning and other use water. 

The job of a vacuum is just extracting the residue of whatever type it is. Some methods of cleaning leaves very less residual dirt and some leaves large volume of remains. Here it depends on the method of cleaning and the type of machine being used. 

All it needs is just high pressured vacuuming. This ensures that there is no leftover in cleaning.


The last step in cleaning a carpet is drying it. Most of the Local Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane prefer carpet cleaning in the late afternoons since it gives time to dry all night. And the customers can resume their work next day without any discomfort.

If it is dry cleaned, the carpet won’t even need any drying time. But in shampooing and other techniques the carpet gets wet. Thus it needs drying. Even drying hours may vary from procedure to procedure. 

The carpet cleaning machines will vacuum the water while extracting the dirt. It makes the drying work mush easier and time savvy.


Customer Friendly Service

Our Green Cleaners Team carpet cleaning machines are well updated with latest techniques. This ensures the quality of cleaning thus protecting the nature. Environment friendly and tech savvy equipment will definitely make your cleaning job done on time. 

Since it meets all the environmental criteria and health advisories, we can assure you with perfect carpet cleaning Buderim. We have incorporated the kids’ safety and pet friendly cleaning agents so as to help our precious environment. 

Thus the carpet cleaning machines should ensure both cleaning as well as safe environmental care. Our proud carpet cleaning partner hence does the job with customer’s ease at priority. 

Friday, 26 July 2019

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

Carpets is often used as a lovely home or office décor that helps in trapping and filtering outside dirt or grime from entering the inside premises of a property. This is why any carpet deserves periodic cleaning from the experts in order for it to get a thorough clean that will get rid of surface dirt and grime, as well as deep-seated accumulation of harmful contaminants. A professional carpet cleaning will effectively remove any trace of allergens or pollutants underneath the carpet’s fibers that regular vacuuming will not be able to do.

The difference in getting the service of qualified technicians is that they have enough experience and trainings to deal with all sorts of carpet cleaning problems, including the removal of stubborn stains and odor-causing bacteria that once again, vacuuming is not capable of doing. Also, the cleaning technique that majority of companies choose are sure to be ideal to the type of carpet that you have at home or in your office; hence any damage on its fabric or color will be avoided. The result you will most likely get from the experts is that of a carpet that is much cleaner, healthier, lovelier, and lasts longer.

Letting professional carpet cleaner handle whatever issues you have with your carpet will guarantee you of the best cleaning experience. This is because these cleaners employ the most recent and powerful equipment that will bring wonderful results. Moreover, they also use safe and environment-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Due to this, you can feel at ease that your carpet will not only look much better but your health and the quality of air in your surrounding is protected against any harm that harsh cleaning chemicals often bring.

Although most people are worried about the rate they have to pay when getting professional carpet cleaning services, it is in fact much convenient and economical to hire expert cleaners since they know and understand the correct procedures, equipments and solutions to use that will completely take care of you carpet, plus give it the thorough cleaning regular vacuuming will not give. Moreover, hiring the service of professionals is a much smarter choice than getting store rental cleaning equipments because if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience to handle the machine, you are putting your carpet at risk of acquiring more serious damage that will be hard to fix and may require a much costly repair service.

Most importantly, these service cleaning companies holds certification from IICRC – which is a trusted and acknowledged organization that conducts inspection on the eligibility of cleaning and restoration companies – so you are ensured that you will always get quality work, backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

You can contact with carpet cleaning Brisbane, if you want to experience the best and affordable professional cleaning for your residential or commercial carpets.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Tips To Extend Your Carpet Life

Carpets are one of the most expensive investments of a house owner so maintaining them for a long time is a must. They always feel great underfoot and also protects solid surface floors, many wooden items. All these are like merits of a carpet but when it comes to carpet cleaning it becomes a big challenge for everyone. Carpets have many advantages but various spills, stains, frequent traffic decreases its beauty and also shorten the lifespan. No matter how much hard efforts you make to keep your carpets clean it is very certain that carpet is going to be damaged by every type of dust, dirt, and allergens.

Ways To Keep Your Carpet Clean


Many dust particles and allergens with debris can easily obstruct in your carpet and if are not cleaned then they can damage the quality of the carpet. Vacuum 2 to 4 times a week to protect your carpet especially in high traffic areas. Regular vacuuming will prevent the carpet from dust and dirt from inhibiting.

Keep Dirt Outside

To keep a carpet clean and healthy is important, as dirty carpet can have so many tiny germs, bacteria, and allergens living in carpet dust. Dirt can cause a lot of damage to carpet, dust trapped in carpets can scrape the fibers away. To leave the dirt outside you should take your shoes off before entering inside. If you do so then your carpets will not get dirty very quickly so you can vacuum them easily. If taking the shoe off is hard to follow then install a heavy-duty doormat at the walkway and high traffic areas.

Cleaning Stains And Spills Immediately

Doesn't matter if you are highly cautious, there are always chances that accidents are going to happen, something can get spilled on your carpet in no time and you again have to stop it from staining inside your carpet. We all know that carpets are made from a delicate type of fabrics and to prevent stains from spreading, we can never go with scrubbing the stains. For that, we must use a clean dry cloth or paper towel to blot the stain gently.

Periodically Rearrange The Furniture 

If the furniture is fixed at the same place for a long time then it can wear your carpet in some areas. This will create the trail and in high traffic areas, there will be a buildup of dirt. To prevent all this from happening one must rearrange the furniture in the house periodically. This will change the traffic pattern in your house and changing the pattern will prevent the premature wearing of the carpet and make the carpet last much longer.

Hire A Professional Cleaner

Higher traffic from people and pets inside your house will kill the beauty of the carpet. Regular deep cleaning is not enough for all this damage. Hiring Carpet Cleaning Alexandria services provider is the best way to ensure that the carpet is well cleaned and completely sanitized.

Why Choose Us?

Our company Green Cleaners Team is the best company for Best Carpet Cleaning in Sydney. The professionals of our company will assist you towards the proper cleaning and sanitizing of your carpets. Call the experts of Green Cleaners Team to assist you on how to maintain your carpets and rugs from being spoiled.

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How Effective is Home Disinfectants on Carpets?

Most people are satisfied with their carpets being brushed or vacuumed regularly. Consider spending a few more dollars on home disinfectants to ensure complete safety of your family members. 

Carpet Cleaning is the most daunting household task. They're placed in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and sometimes kitchen. You, your guests, your pets, all walk on it, and hence, there's a lot of activity. In the process, the carpets can accumulate a fair amount of microbes and allergens which can prove hazardous to inhabitants, especially to toddlers.

Home disinfectants have their own role to play in home Carpet Cleaning in Kensington.

How Home Disinfectants Work?

Carpet Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents that kill most, if not all, bacteria and other microscopic living organisms living on the surface of a non-living object. If you want to kill all, then you'd have to employ sterilization which is not feasible for household items.

When you spray home disinfectants on the surface, there's a lot that goes behind the scenes.

The way home disinfectants work is when applied on the surface, they attack the microorganisms and disrupt their cell wall, which is a rigid layer protecting the microorganism's inner structure. Once broken, the chemicals present in disinfectants react with their metabolism and either slows it down or destroys it completely.

Same process takes place when you spray disinfectants on your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services

How to Measure Effectiveness?

House disinfectants are compared against the effect of phenol on either Salmonella or Staphylococcus aurous. They are given a coefficient known as "Phenol coefficient". If the disinfectant receives a coefficient of more than one, then it is more effective. Conversely, it is less effective, if the phenol coefficient is less than one.

To measure the effectiveness on your own, you can account for the before and after scenarios. If before your family members were having allergies, but after disinfecting your carpet, it is reduced to a minimum, then you can conclude disinfecting has worked. 

In most cases, when there's a microbial stockpiling, the carpet will emit foul, rotten odor. This happens when carpet comes in contact with moisture for a prolonged period of time. If there was foul smell before the operation, but there's none after, home disinfectant would be considered effective.

Cleaning Comes First

But before you opt for home disinfectant on carpets, it's important to cleanse your carpet and get rid of debris, dust, and other visible particles. This ensures the disinfectant is working directly on microbes and not getting clogged or trapped within the dust particles. So always do a proper carpet vacuum cleaning at least twice before employing home disinfectants.

How We Can Help You?

Green Cleaners Team provides Carpet Cleaning Sydney Services. We are there to help you about disinfectants as well as cleaning strategies. For example, if you're having a baby or toddler at your house, it's better to employ organic or natural disinfectants like vinegar. You can consult our service provider before opting any DIY methods.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Genius! How to figure out if you should really do prevention for Bed Bugs

It is difficult to control Bed bugs infestation manually hence, it is better if you ask professionals to take best Bed bug pest control treatment. The major problem caused by bed bugs is that it will keep on spreading if proper steps are not taken to control its growth. It is easy to treat minor infestation wherein it is hard to control complicated situation. The Pest Control Melbourne services provided by experts are more beneficial as compared to DIY ideas.

How you can treat Bed bugs at home?

Bed bugs are small in size; it is not easy to see bed bugs with naked eyes. The treatments used for eliminating bed bugs are completely dependent on the level of infestation caused by them. If you will treat bed bugs according to the infestation it will offer you benefits up to a great extent. You can consult professionals for same day pest inspection services because in case problem is intense then it is not wise to wait for right time. You must consult experts immediately.

How you can keep yourself safe from Bed bugs?

There are some ways which helps to keep you safe from Bed bugs as follows:

1. It is wise, if you choose Vacuum cleaner to clean mattress, couches, furniture etc regularly.

2. It is important to replace bed sheets daily as most of bed bugs are seen on the surface of beds.

3. You can make visual inspection daily if you suspect the presence of bed bugs.

4. In case you suffer from serious infestation of bed bugs contact professionals as soon as possible.

5. Use chemicals to treat Bed bugs as there is wide variety of pest control product available in the market.

6. It is always recommended to take quick steps if you feel bed bugs around you because delay in its treatment can cause serious issue in the future.


Bed bugs are considered as elusive creatures, so it is essential to seek expert pest control assistance to eliminate infestation. Make your life easy and free from Bed bugs by choosing renowned professionals for treating bed bugs. In fact, if you select same day pest inspection services; it will be better because it will give you a perfect peace of mind.

Why to hire us;

We at Green Cleaners Team are offering you remarkable pest control services. Professional Pest Control Brisbane are offering excellent platform which will make your home free from Bed bugs. We have a perfect team of experts which can deal with the pest at home. Green Cleaners Team is having highly trained team of experts which will make your home free from Bed bugs.
  • We have a highly experienced team of experts
  • Our professionals use best methods to treat bed bugs
  • In case of emergency, we are offering immediate services to customers.
  • 100% satisfactory services

If you really want to prevent bed bugs from your beautiful home contact Green Cleaners Team today!